World Teachers' Day

4th of October 2019, despite the busy schedule of the school for a lot of upcoming events for the month of October, BCC Supreme Student Government prepared a room for the celebration of the World Teachers’ Day. To start the event all the present teachers were sent to Rm. 10 to have their buffet lunch prepared by the officers. While having their lunch little did they know students from their advisory class are preparing a surprise thanks for all their hard work and patience towards them.

The teachers looked so relaxed and happy sharing their meal and talks with their colleagues. They took a lot of pictures and shared a lot of laughter. After their lunch, which is a good time of distraction, they all went to their respective rooms and celebrate with their students.

Officers, while walking in the hallway can see how teachers and students are having fun, some sections decided to throw a little concert for their beloved advisers and others decided to celebrate it casually. While other teachers just want to settle in the faculty room to have some rest and to have a chitchat with their co-teachers. Every teacher received a gift of appreciation from their students and also from the SSG which is a tumbler with a cute pouch and additional mugs for the subject and curriculum coordinators.

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