Variety Show

The MAPEH Department together with the TLE Department launched a Variety show Competition for all the Grade 8 students with the Theme: “Kumain ng Wasto at Maging Aktibo… Push Natin “To”.

The competition was held last July 30, 2019 at exactly 1:00 pm in Fr. Martin Strong Quadrangle. All the teachers and Grade 10 students were there to support all the Grade 8 students. The judges were from outside the school.

The Master of Ceremony were Ms. Cathy Lene Ramento and Mr. Art Lendle V. Sisante. The program started of course by a short prayer led by Ms. Ramela Gene Seva then afterwards,Ms Bella C. Lirio said her opening Remarks before the Variety show started. Before the competition officially started Mr. Nasser Atef M. Pellas performed his special number.

The order of performances were the following; the first performer was 8- St. Ignatius of Antioch, second was St. Iranaeus of Lyon, 3rd performer is 8- St. Gregory the Great, the 4th performer was 8- St. Ambrose of Milan and the 5th performer was St. Jerome. After the 5 sets of performers, they had their 30 minutes break.

The 6th performer was St. Lawrence of Brindise, the 7th performer was 8- St. Basil the Great, the 8th performer was 8- St. John Chrysostom, the 9th performer was 8- St. Clement of Rome and the last performer was St. There of Lisiuex.

While tabulating the scores, Mr. Art Lendle V. Sisante and Ms. Gladys Dicimulacion performed their special number, and after that, they already announced the winners.

The master of ceremonies called the MAPEH Coordinator, Ms. Sharon Kate Narciso together with the judges in the stage. The 3rd winner came on the stage together with their adviser Ms. Gliza Morales. The second place went to St. John Chrysostom together with their adviser Mr. Aljon Imperial. St. Iranaeus ofLyon bagged the first place and went to the stage together wth their adviser, Ms Irall Ison.

 Ms Sharon Kate B. Narciso, the MAPEH Coordinator, had her closing remarks.

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