Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement

BINANGONAN CATHOLIC COLLEGE is a family that searches for truth to integrally transform communities for service to God and country.

Mission Statement

With the patronage of St. Ursula, we commit ourselves to be the servant leaders of a reputable Catholic educational institution through creative Christ-centered programs and services that will enhance the holistic development of empowered communities.

Core Values

BINANGONAN CATHOLIC COLLEGE adheres to the following organizational core values:



• Sense of communion and belongingness
• Unity in diversity
• Eucharist as the core and the sacrament of love and unity

• Know, love and serve the Lord
• Follow Christ with constant faithfulness
• Advocate Church teachings

Total Development
• Development of the total person
• Manifestation of respect, love, academic excellence, social responsibility, competence, and entrepreneurship
• Development Global orientation
• Development in the context of national goals and socio-cultural imperatives
• Development towards the family of God

Quality and Excellence of Culture
• Equity of access especially for the poor
• Harmony of process and performance
• Concern for learning, growth and development
• Empowerment of the human person to achieve the best system
• Accreditation of school programs


• Practice of twinning and clustering between and among schools in the system
• Partnership with parish, local government, international institutions
• Adherence to MAPSA norms and policies
• Membership in local and international professional associations
• Support for educational efforts of external organizations
• Obedience to rules and regulations promulgated by the DEPEd and SEC


• Fidelity to the use of institutional resources, talents and treasures
• Transparency in one’s practice of leadership
• Guidance on the principles of subsidiary and fraternal correction in managing human resources

• Creative and entrepreneurial leadership
• Openness to innovation and change
• Enthusiastic and optimistic view of reality
• Concern for continued and sustained renewal

Team Building
• Recognizing the gifts and talents of others
• Sharing and delegating of responsibility/decision making
• Training of persons in the organization continuously
• Observing due process as a step towards sanctions


Love of and Preference for the Poor
• Sense of solidarity with the less fortunate
• Compassion towards the suffering
• Self-sacrifice in favor of the common good especially for the poor
• Assistance without counting the cost

Social Equity and Justice
• Giving what is due to others
• Exercising fairness and objective treatment of issues
• Assuring the personnel the protection of their rights and workplace
• Advocating social justice at all times

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