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Our School History

The town’s sole catholic secondary school, the Binangonan Catholic High School (BCHS) commenced operation on July 1, 1947. It was the realization of a dream of Rev. Fr. Martin Strong of the Missionary Society of St. Columban, parish priest of Binangonan after World War II, who observed that the parishioners schooling ended in the elementary level as there was no high school in the town.

With the money he received from his parents, relatives and friends in New Zealand, Fr. Strong started the BCHS, with the 300-year old church convent serving as the first school building. St. Ursula, the parish patron saint became the school’s patron saint too. Students numbered two hundred, more or less, and were offered only first and and second year level courses. The third and fourth year subjects were added to the curriculum the following school year.

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