Senior High School Department

Mrs. Jenny A. Granale, LPT, MAEd

Senior High School Principal

A blessed day to everyone!

The Binangonan Catholic College Senior High School Department has a primary objective  to form children of our community of their academic intelligence and social capabilities for them to become good christians and responsible citizens.

For the Parents, the institution is grateful that we will be a part of your children’s life.

Thank you for the trust you give to us.

For the Students, continue reaching for your dreams, Binangonan Catholic College is supporting your journey that is aligning with our Vision-Mission Goal.

God bless you all!

Pro Deo et Patria

Department Objectives

1. To provide programs and activities that will ensure the intellectual, psychological, physical, social and spiritual growth of each individual.

2. To develop learning experience that will promote respect for work, dignity, rights and responsibilities of each individual in a democratic society.

3. To continually upgrade the educational standards of the institution by making the individual student well-informed of the latest educational trends locally and globally, adopting those that may be suitable to his needs and capacities.

4. To instill the importance of scientific research on global issues that impact the country that suits the student’s interest and to innovate products that help address the needs of their community.

5. To use experiential approaches that will allow individual student to live in a simple lifestyle that manifests his love and deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and the institution’s patroness, St. Ursula.

Organizational Chart


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