Office of the Registrar

Requesting and Issuance of Academic Records (Certification, Form137, Transcript of Records,2nd Copy of Diploma and CAV Documents)
  1. The Student/Client must present his/her ID and fill up request/application form for academic records and submit it to clerk-on-charge.
  2. If request is done by a representative, an authorization letter/special power of attorney and ID both of student and representative should be presented.
  3. The Student/Client must pay at the cashier’s office and return the request form to clerk-in-charge. A claim stub indicating when the record requested  can be issued will be given to the Student/Client . The Stub should be presented when claiming the record.
  4. The processing of documents will be within working days. The issuance of the requested record is as follows:
    • Certification – After 1 day
    • Form 137/ Transcript of Records – After 3 days
    • Diploma/CAV Requests – within 1 week
  5. It is important that requested documents be claimed on the specified date of issuance. Failure to do so within six (6) months from the said date will invalidate request and payment.
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