Junior High School Department

Miss Bella C. Lirio, LPT, MAEd

Junior High School Principal

Peace be with you!

It is with pride and honor to welcome you to Binangonan Catholic College, Junior High School Department.

It is our tradition to provide our learners the quality catholic education that the school has been giving since 1947.

Since its existence, the mission of the school is to provide Christ-centered programs and services that will enhance the holistic development of our learners.

May this website be an inspiration to all concerned and lead us all to the greater glory of God.

Your presence in our website is a blessing to us!

God bless us all!.

Department Objectives

1. To provide programs and activities that will ensure the intellectual, psychological, physical, social and spiritual growth of each individual.

2. To develop learning experience that will promote respect for work, dignity, rights and responsibilities of each individual in a democratic society.

3. To continually upgrade the educational standards of the institution by making the individual student well-informed of the latest educational trends locally and globally, adopting those that may be suitable to his needs and capacities.

4. To use experiential approaches that will allow individual student to live in a simple lifestyle that manifests his love and deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and the institution’s patroness, St. Ursula.

Organizational Chart


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