College Department

Mr. Luisito A. Suinan, LPT, MAEd

College Dean

It is indeed that the college department is rapidly growing since the year when CHED granted approval to operate the school as college in 2000. We have to keep in mind its mission of developing the students holistically.

We provide not only quality education but we are always longing to produce a better person who is not only academically professional but also a person who has fear in God.

We formed students to become strong enough to face all the challenges of his or her profession as well as facing the challenges of life. That is why great distinction is mostly expected for those who are studied or graduated with a Catholic formation. 

All these things should manifest as they build their future passing through their future children or children in the next generation.

We emphasized that an individual will not become a good parent someday unless they become good children first.

The Christian value that is being developed should be carried out as they carry the name of their Alma Mater and who is committed as steward of God’s creation.

We have to fulfill our institutional mission of becoming a servant leader and promote better life as well. 

Department Objectives

1. To provide a general education program that will assist each individual to develop his potential as a human being, enhance the quality of citizen participation in the basic functions of society, and promote in each student a sense of national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity and spiritual vigor;

2. To train the nation’s manpower in the required skills for national development, and to instill and foster the appropriate and relevant attitudes, skills, and knowledge to enable each gainfully employed member of society;

3. To develop and maintain the integrity of the professions or disciplines that will provide leadership for the nation; and

4. To advance the frontiers of knowledge through research work, and apply the technology gained for improving the quality of human life and responding effectively to changing societal needs and conditions.

Organizational Chart

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Program Description:

The program provides students with a combination of knowledge, hands-on experience, and application of theory to information issues. The program keeps pace with changing technology and related business practices by offering courses in areas such as systems analysis, Web applications, several programming languages, and graphical user interface design. The curriculum emphasizes quantitative and communications skills as well as providing a foundation in business environments. Upon graduation, students will receive the degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
Graduates of this program will qualify for employment as entry-level computer software applications engineers, computer and information systems managers, computer systems analysts, network systems professionals and computer systems software engineers.

Course Description:

This course enables students to combine an in-depth study of information technology (IT) with one of the following business specializations: economics, international business, business law, human resource management, or marketing. A limited number of industry-based learning scholarships are available in the later years of the degree.

Bachelor of Science in Office Administration

Program Description:

This program prepares the students for administrative office positions which require abilities in researching and compiling data, composing internal and external communications, preparing documents for mailing via internet, and other administrative support duties which include typing various documents, scheduling appointments, proofreading, maintaining personnel files.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Program Description:

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program is to educate students in the foundations of general business knowledge and to prepare individuals to apply ethical reasoning and discerning critical thought while presenting the strong communication and analytical skills needed to lead and manage corporate organizations.

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with the requisite general education foundation and then present the skills needed to gain a competitive edge when pursuing or advancing in business management careers. Successful completion of the program will provide graduates with a recognized degree which will prove invaluable when pursing growth and promotion opportunities into administration, management, or independent business ventures.

  • Demonstrate a well-rounded and comprehensive knowledge of general education topics including psychology, sociology, American history, physical science, mathematics, communications, statistics and others.
  • Evaluate the basic theories and contemporary issues In business operations, administration and management.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the application of economics, accounting, human resource, project management, business and operations principles and best practices.
  • Evaluate and implement methods of organizational assessment and development within a legal, ethical and strategic framework.
  • Communicate effectively integrating a collaborative professional approach.
  • Competently assess, interpret and communicate information using oral, written and electronic methods.

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Program Description:

The program helps would-be pre-school teachers to enhance their knowledge of children’s learning development. It provides an overview of the theories and methods used in teaching children. It emphasizes the important role of the family, the school, and the teachers in the children’s cognitive, psychological, physical, behavioral and moral development.
Moreover, it provides students’ opportunities to work on skills that children need to succeed in school and in day-to-day life experiences. Students may major in Early Childhood Education and Content Courses.

Bachelor of Secondary Education

Program Description:

This four-year program provides academic and clinical preparation for prospective teachers of secondary education through appropriate courses in general education, professional education, and field study/practice teaching. Students may major in English, Filipino and Mathematics.

Associate in Computer Technology

Program Description:

This program aims to provide students with the basic computing skills necessary for professional work in information technology. The preparation for information technology work is acquired through its courses on programming, data structures, computer organization, database management systems, and systems analysis and design. Intensive hands-on programming projects are integrated into the major subjects to hone the analytical, programming, and critical thinking skills of the students.

Associate in Computer Secretarial

Program Description:

The Associate in Computer Science (ACS) degree is a general transfer degree. This degree indicates that the student has completed a course of study equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor degree. This degree does not officially include a major or minor course of study.

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