College Week 2020

Highlights of the activity

College Week is an annual event wherein all College students are given the opportunity to showcase talent and skill in sports. Thus promoting the sense of sportsmanship and teamwork while instilling the value of harmony, unity and maturity.

This event is a week-long event that enables each student to participate in different games helphing to bridge the gap among College students.

First Day
February 10, 2020

Gathered at Fr. Martin Strong Quadrangle in BCC, as College Students registered they were aligned and prepared for the parade collectively. Each society has their muse and banner to represent the course. Afterwards, students were gathered back at the quadrangle for the opening ceremonies.

Remarks were given. Oath of sportsmanship was pledged. The event was officially opened by Mr. Luisito Suinan, College Dean, and announced the game schedule. Booths were opened. The lineup was proclaimed as follows :


This will be used in all the games.

In Basketball, the first game was between BSIT and BSBA. Each society was thrilled as the game went on. Roaring cheer echoed and became deafening when BSBA won.

The second game was between BEE and BSE. The two used to collab in every activity as they belong to the same department. But the two set down the truce and played at their best. BEE humbly accepted the defeat as BSE moved forward the next round.

In Volleyball Men’s edition, the first game between BSIT and BSBA was won by the Business society. While BEE soared in second against BSE.

In Volleyball Women’s edition, BSBA won against BSIT in the first game. As BEE won against BSE in the second game.

On the other court, Badminton was being conducted. In Women’s singles elimination round, BEE won against BSE while BSBA won against BSIT. In Men’s singles, it was a mtach between BEE and BSIT only which easily made BSIT to the top after winning.

In women’s doubles, BEE won by default.

In men’s doubles, BSIT won by default.

In mixed doubles, BSE won.

Second Day
February 11, 2020

At 7:00 am with booths already open, the first game in Men’s Volleyball losers bracket between BSIT and BSE took place. BSIT had a good fight against BSE but didn’t make it. BSE won.

The games was then followed by women’s volleyball–BSIT and BSE. The game resulted the same and favored BSE.

In the winning bracket in men’s edition, BEE had the match against BSBA. For which the BEE had won over. In women’s edition, the fight between the two winning team– BEE and BSBA was conquered by the business society.

In Speech lab, Chess tournament was facilitated. There were only 2 players, from BSIT and BSE, that made the game easily won by BSIT and was held as the tournament champion.

Third Day
February 12, 2020

The 7:00 am atmosphere has been fervented due to the losers bracket game in Basketball played by BSIT and BEE. The game will determine who was going to make it up to the next round and who’s team has to take the bench. This made the crowd to fume in eagerness to win over each other’s team. Both team played the best out of the game but seemed BEE has to take the rest. BSIT moved to the next round.

In the winning team, BSBA and BSE showed their ardency to take the safe spot in the play-off. It was then a sigh of relief for BSBA and a deep breath of tenacity for BSE as they faced BSIT in the crucial round.

In the Secondary Education’s match with the Information Technology, everyone is thrilled and hopeful. With persistence, both team performed at their fullest potentials. But the game favored BSE.

It was then a match between BSBA and BSE for the championship.

BSBA has the twice to beat privelege.

Forth Day
February 13, 2020

Basketball Championship was a different kind of game as both society gathered up giving their all-out support for their team. The first game favored BSE. In the second game, BSBA hustled bigger aiming the triump in the last match. BSE showed relentlesslness. It was a huge match that later on crowned the Business society as the Champion.

In Men’s Volleyball, BSBA and BSE set the morning in great excitement as they started the game for the day. The match will determine who will challenge BEE in the next round. BSE triumphantly cheered as they turned the game in their favor and won. BEE team has the twice to beat privelege.

In Women’s Volleyball, BEE and BSE fought for a match with the waiting team, BSBA. Elementary Educators made it to the final round. BSBA has the twice to beat privelege.

In Men’s Volleyball, the championship round was set on fire with numerous set points and match points. But the bacon was taken home by the BEE.

In Women’s Volleyball championship round between BSBA and BEE, both team showcased great determination in winning. There has been a third set for which BSBA won over.

Fifth Day
February 14, 2020
Awarding Day

At 1:00 pm, everyone is gathered up in the quadrangle. The program was hosted by Ms. Melody Viola, a 3rd year college student. Remarks were given. Some students showed off their singing skills and dancing skills.

In Basketball awarding, Mr. Kirby Quiñonez, Student Council Vice President, along with Mr. Luisito Suinan granted the medals and trophies.

In Women’s Volleyball awarding, Ms. Mary Angeline Ulang, Student Council President, along with Mr. Luisito Suinan gave the medals and trophies.

In Men’s Volleyball awarding, Mr. Russelle Dale Cercado, Student Council Treasure, accompanied Mr. Luisito Suinan in honoring the success of the winners with medals and trophies.

In Badminton awarding, Mr. Airon Celespara, Student Council Auditor, accompanied Mr. Luisito Suinan in vesting the fruit of good play with trophies and medals.

In Chess awarding, Ms. Angelu De Mesa, Student Council Secretary, with Mr. Luisito Suinan conferred the winners with trophies and medals.

With the whole Student Council officers and Mr. Luisito Suinan, the Overall Champion was awarded to the Business Society.

Afterwards, there was a band performance comprised of college students that played and sung timeless songs that the rest of the students sung along.

Mr. Luisito Suinan closed the event and ended the program with an appreciation speech for all the students and people that made up the event possible.

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