Admission Policy

Admission is a very important task of every school. It means granting an applicant admission to the school, with the definite understanding that the student and his parents or guardians, agree (in writing) to comply with the scholastic standards of the school, as well as the ideals of Christian education and its rules and regulations.

Registration is handled by the Registrar and Guidance Office under the direct supervision of the office of the Vice President.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must submit the following enrolment credentials, forms and requirements to be officially enrolled:

For Toddler/Nursery/Kindergarten, Grades 1-6,Grades 7-10(JHS), Grades 11-12(SHS)

1. Enrolment Permit from the Guidance Office
The Enrolment Permit is issued only upon the submission of the Report Card (F138) duly signed by the Principal.
2. Application Form/Information Sheet
Grade 1 applicants should submit their Certification of Completion for Kindergarten.
3. Medical/Health Certificate
4. NSO/PSA issued Birth Certificate
5. Baptismal Certificate
6. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended

For Grade 7-10 (JHS) and Transferees

Applicants for admission must take and pass the qualifying entrance test and interview.

For Grade 11-12 (SHS)

applicants are exempted from the entrance examination.

For Foreign Students

The requirements for foreign students are the same as for Grades 7-12. Determination of year level is based on DECS Order No. 26 s. 1994, “Placement of Transferees From Foreign Countries Seeking Admission to Philippine Elementary and Secondary Schools”.


a. Must pass the College Entrance test.
b. Must pass the interview
c. Must submit the following:

1. Original F138/High School Report Card for freshmen Transfer Credentials/Honorable Dismissal for transferees
2. NSO Issued Birth Certificate
3. Baptismal Certificate
4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
5. 2 Copies of 1X1 I.D. Pictures

Old Students

a. Must submit the accomplished clearance slip.

Cross Enrollees

a. Students from other Institutions may cross enroll in the school if properly recommended.
b. The student should present a permit to cross enroll from the other school.

Second Coursers

Generally, college graduates applying for a second degree in another tertiary education are subject to the same requirements for transferees. General Education subjects would be credited. The remaining subjects that needed to be taken would be major subjects and those that are required by the institution.


Original Copy of F137/Transcript of Records with Special Order Number.

Screening and Selecting Procedures for New Student and Transferees

1. The guidance office determines the status of the new students based on the score/ result of their college entrance tests and other screening requirements.

2. New students should pass the interview with satisfactory rating. Interview grades should be at least above average to merit admission to any of the college programs.

3. All Freshmen and Transferees are on probation status. They have to prove that they are academically and behaviorally qualified students of the college.

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